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The Historic Significance of the Albany Research Center: An Account of the Early Years (1943-1960)

This project has been an all-consuming endeavor of mine since 2011, as I am attempting to assemble a comprehensive, chronological account of the fascinating (and unlikely) establishment of the Bureau of Mines in Albany, Oregon.

What began as a simple Google search regarding the architecture of the site quickly snowballed into a fact-finding journey as I peeled back decades of urban legend to find the truth. The specialty metals industry (zirconium, titanium, niobium, to name a few) gained a foothold here as a series of incredible events unfolded in the early 1940’s.

This project initially had an end date of August 2020, but COVID-19 severely impacted my timeline. Right now I’m aiming for completion in August 2021.

For more complete information and daily updates, please join the Facebook group here: The Historic Significance of the Albany Research Center.

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The Wugawanda Book #2

A second Wugawanda book is officially in the works! The kids and I are throwing around the idea of seasonal installments; the first book was a summer-themed book, and now we’re thinking of a fall-winter book. What mischief will everyone’s favorite forest creature get into next? For up-to-date fun, join the fan page on Facebook here: The Wugawanda.

The Fulbeck Six Series Book #3

The Fulbeck Six series was always meant to be a trilogy, and Book #3 (as yet untitled) is already in the works. The Fulbeck Six story was created very differently than the Hadley Hill series, as I knew from the beginning what the story arc would be. The entire plot is far too big to be stuffed into a single book, so I thought breaking it into three installments would be the most logical way to go about presenting the story.

In the final book we will learn ALL the answers that Lila has been seeking (or…most, at least!!) and the true depth of Aiden’s existence. Lila learns that the Fulbeck project encompasses far more than just the six experimental babies born at the creepy, abandoned former sanatorium-turned clinic. When Lila and Aiden finally confront Dr. Vasicek, their beliefs about themselves are turned upside down as they learn of a shocking betrayal. Will Lila find Vann in time, before their secrets are exposed to the world?

The Oak Creek Series

Conceptual work: This is a future work that I’ve had the concept for (for some time now), but have not done more than exploratory work on a storyline. Inspired by a suburban nature trail in the Willamette Valley, this would be a coming-of-age collection of stories with a separate mystery arc for each book (think Hadley Hill series.)

Concept notes excerpt: If you asked any of us what the name of the actual subdivision was, we couldn’t tell you, even though we pass the sign every day. Nobody calls it by its proper name—Oak Creek Estates is what the subdivision is formally called, but around town it’s only known as “the tree streets.” Tell someone you live in Oak Creek Estates and you’ll get a blank stare. Tell them you live in the tree streets, and they’ll nod their head immediately.

If you’ve been there, you’ll know why it gained that nickname. Each of the two-dozen lanes, avenues, streets, and cul-de-sacs bears the name of a species of tree; you’ve got the common ones (Oak, Ash, Ponderosa) and then they decided to throw in some weird ones (Pignut). Imagine writing Pignut on your return address every time. Clearly, someone didn’t think things through very well.

But it was what happened at Black Locust Lane that made the summer of 1990 one we’ll never forget. Everybody in the Tree Streets would whisper in hushed tones; speculating what happened on that warm, sultry night.

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