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Albany regional Museum: 136 SE Lyon St, Albany, OR 97321

The Fulbeck Six

The Fulbeck Series Book #1: Lila Ellingson’s mom insists she gave birth to her daughter at Oakville General Hospital. But when Lila checks the address listed on her birth certificate, it doesn’t match up. A quick search on the internet places Lila’s birth at a now-abandoned building—not the town’s hospital.Lila quietly starts digging for the truth about her childhood which quickly leads to a string of disturbing revelations. Her search is interrupted when she meets Vann Chovnik, a new neighbor who becomes a welcome relief from the strange turn Lila’s life has taken. Vann tries his best to help Lila investigate her past while keeping her safe from someone who seems to be tracking her every move. Will Lila be able to sift fact from fiction before the mysterious follower stops her?

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The Alpha Prototype

The Fulbeck Series Book #2: Lila Ellingson has just made an alarming discovery about her friend Vann, and she’s determined to risk everything to uncover the truths about her life—and his—that she’s been seeking. Every new piece of information that Lila finds is more bizarre than the next. When a key witness to past illegal experiments winds up dead, Lila and Vann start to worry that those associated with The Fulbeck Center for Reproductive Medicine are being targeted—or worse—eliminated. Lila and Vann’s friendship seems woven together by fate, but Lila soon realizes that Vann is no longer just a mere distraction. She loathes having to bury her feelings for him, but Vann’s peculiar arrangement with his employer means that he’s completely off-limits. Lila is forced to walk a delicate line between honesty and deception as she learns more about herself and the six babies born at Fulbeck.

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The Wugawanda

By Tai Stith, I.R. Stith, N.L. Stith, and L.G. Stith

Do you ever wonder why your socks disappear? Maybe you should ask the Wugawanda. Deep in an oak savanna, the Wugawanda enjoys his coffee and daily walks. But one day his world is turned upside down when he discovers something very mysterious…

The Devotional Poems of Florence Fern Austin-Wallace

Edited by Gary Wallace

Florence Fern Austin-Wallace grew up in a non-Christian household. As a teen, Florence—who preferred to be known as Fern—accepted Christ at a tent revival in the late 1930’s. Her adult life was fraught with difficulty: between giving birth to numerous children, Fern contracted tuberculosis and her illness caused her to frequent Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital. Fern’s dreams of becoming a missionary to China were shattered and she was forced to be separated from her children for most of their young lives. Her reliance on Christ became her cornerstone and this collection of poetry survives as her testimony and legacy.

The Incredible Secrets of Hadley Hill

Hadley Hill Series Book #1: Fifteen year-old Aribelle Cartwright is uprooted from her native San Francisco when her father gets a job in a different state. Instead of majestic skyscrapers and the urban bustle of the city, Ari has to adjust to the solitude of a rural town. Right away, Ari notices something is curiously different about the hill her historic home resides on. Complicating matters is the aloof boy next door, Dane, who is nearly as mysterious as Hadley Hill itself. Will Ari be able to break through Dane’s cautious demeanor to discover the incredible secrets of Hadley Hill?

The Heart of Abshire House

Hadley Hill Series Book #2: When Ari’s friends invite her and Dane to explore an old abandoned home that sits at the base of Hadley Hill, Ari is intrigued and doesn’t hesitate to join in. That visit is the first of many for Ari, who becomes enamored with the atmosphere of the home. When Dane makes a heartbreaking discovery about the family that occupied the house a century earlier, he and Ari are determined to piece together the rest of the story. In the process, Dane’s own history begins to unravel right in front of Ari. Can their relationship survive as Dane works to repair his past while planning for his future?

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The Legacy of the St. Alodia Hotel

Hadley Hill Series Book #3: When Ari stumbles across a legend of gold treasure, she and Dane are quick to dig into the history of the tale. Their search leads them to a decrepit old hotel that’s both fascinating and frightening, but they quickly realize they’re not alone in their hunt for gold. During the course of the search Ari witnesses a disheartening shift in Dane’s demeanor, eventually causing her to wonder if Dane is keeping secrets from her—and everyone else. And when the pair hears a long-lost story about Dane’s great-great grandmother Nadia, it causes them to question everything they thought they knew about Dane’s family history. Will Ari be able to piece together the importance of the St. Alodia Hotel while searching for the rumored treasure?

Listen to the playlist that inspired the book!

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